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A.1.  Used or Pre-owned Vacuum Heat Treating Furnaces:

Item # Brand Description Temp Price
16-4043   Vacuum Hot Press, 6" x 6" x 15" 1830F $49,500
16-4042 Vac Aero Vacuum Furnace, 36" x 48" x 30", 2-bar quench   $150,000
16-4038 GCA Ind. Vacuum Furnace, 24" x 36" x 24" 2400F $119,000
16-4033 Sfc Comb. Vacuum Furnace, 48" x 48" x 24", 2-bar quench 2400F $95,000
16-4024 C.I. Hayes Vacuum Furnace, 24" x 36" x 20" 2450F Call
16-3955 Various MIM Furnaces for De-Binding & Sintering Various See link
16-3958 Sfc Comb. Vacuum Temper, 36"W x 24"H x 48"D   $5,000
16-3957 Holcroft 2 Bar Pressure Quench Vacuum, 36" x 36" x 72" 2200F Call
16-3951 Sunbeam Vacuum Furnace, 36"W x 120"L x 36"H 2552F $95,000
16-3938 Ipsen Vacuum Nitriders, 82" Dia. x 118" Deep, 2 each 1380F $849,000
16-3899 Plateg Plasma Nitriding System, 39.37"D x 47.24"H 1112F $30,000
16-3895 TAV 6-Bar Vacuum Furnace 1300C £150,000
16-3888 Thermionics Vacuum Wire Anneal Fce, 8"D x 90"L 1200F $29,000
15-3875 Brew Top Load, 10" Dia.x10"H 2000F $10,000
15-3874 C.I. Hayes Vacuum Oil Quench 2400F $79,500
15-3872 Abar-Ipsen 48"Dia. x 60"H Vac. Fce. 2400F $165,000
15-3871 Ipsen Small Vac. Temper 1292F T.B.D.
15-3868 AVS Vacuum Debind & Sinter 1400C $209,000
15-3867 Ipsen V-72X72 1-Bar 2400F $65,000
14-3834 Surface Comb Vacuum Furnace, 42"W x 60"L x 30"H 2400F $29,000
14-3809 AVS De-Wax & Sintering Vacuum Furnace, 24 x 36 x 18H 1470C $299,000
14-3807 Ipsen VFC-224 Rebuilt, 12" or 15"W x 24"D x 10"H 2400F $43,500
14-3805 CVI 1100C/1500C Vacuum Furnace with 2 Hot Zones 1500C $89,500
14-3785 OEM Titanium Semi-Continuous Diffusion Bonding Hot Press 1100C $890,000
14-3735 GH Induction Vacuum Induction Sintering Furnace, 12" Dia. x 17"H 100kW $55,000
09-3424 CI Hayes Vac Oil Quench, Carburizing,  30"W x 32"H x 48"D 2200F $49,000
7777 Solar Mfg New or Rebuilt Vacuum Furnaces from Solar Mfg.    Ask Ask

Vacuum Pumps, Leak Detectors & Misc. Items:

Item # Brand Description Price
16-4053 Varian HS-20 Diffusion Pump, As-Is or Rebuilt $6,500
15-3885 Hunterdon 285 kVA VRT Power
Supply, Unused, 3-Zones
15-3864 Generic 5 ea. 20" Right Angle Poppet Valves $1,800
14-3775 Kinney Rebuilt Kinney KTC-75, 75 CFM, Warranty $5,700
14-3774 Stokes Rebuilt Stokes 149H-11, 80 CFM $5,500
14-3731 Stokes/Edw. Warranty Re-built Stokes 1722-J Skid $23,500
13-3694 Hunterdon 40 KVA, 1-Ph, 230/480 to 20VDC, 50 Amp. $1,500
13-3687 M.D. Pneu. Model 11-3210 Gas Blower, 350 CFM $1,500obo
13-3686 Roots Model 2510J Whispair Max gas blower, 372 CFM, 5 H.P. $2,000obo
13-3663 Hunterdon 40 KVA 1-Phase Power Supply $1,500
13-3652 CVC 35" Diffusion Pump (As-Is or Rebuilt)  Rebuilt for $12,250 $6,400 or
13-3651 CVC 35" Diffusion Pump, with Rebuilt 1 Yr. Warranty $12,250
12-3644 GE Fanuc Series 3 Vacuum Furnace PLC System & Misc. Controls See Below
09-3477 Varian Helium Leak Detector, Diffusion-pumped, Model 938-41 $9,500
09-3486 Varian Helium Leak Detector, Diffusion-pumped, Model 936-40 $8,500
09-3478 Varian 938-41 Turbo-Pumped Leak Detectors $12,000
05-3161 Torr Vacuum 35” Refrigerated Cryo-Trap, Warranty Re-built, Liq N2 $9,500
04-3109 Solar Mfg. New Vacuum Furnace Loaders from Solar Manufacturing Ask

A.1.  Vacuum Heat Treating Furnaces:



Item# 16-4043-1     Vacuum Hot Press:

Max Temp 1000C/1830F. 6" x 6" x 15" work zone. Metal hot zone model 6615-1000 moly rod elements, moly & stainless steel shields w/ moly retainers. Three (3) sided heating. T/C control, DCP700 Honeywell two (2) channel controller. 15 KVA power supply - 208 volts/1pH/60Hz. 4" diffusion pump / 17.1 cfm mechanical pump. Granville Philips vacuum controller #91-270. Fan cooling 3/4 HP pin spitter mounted on the rear of the chamber. T/C control for overtemperature protection controllers.

Diffusion Bonding Hot Press. Series 3520 Model 6-1315 Diffusion Bonding Hot Press, stainless steel interior cold wall chamber with full opening door, water cooled rams, ram seals, power feedthru ports, thermocouples, shuttered site ports & supported on the press frame. This system is designed to deliver up to 60,000 lbs of force to a compact in the furnace. The hydraulic cylinder is mounted on the upper horizontal section of the press frame. Force from the cylinder is transferred into the vacuum chamber by two (2) water-cooled ram extensions, which pass thru sliding vacuum seals at the tob and bottom of the chamber. the bottom ram is stationary. The hydraulic cylinder has a 6" bore, so that full rated force will be applied at a hydraulic pressure of 2125 psi.

Utility Requirements: 15 KVA power supply - 208 volts/1pH/60Hz. Total connected load 120 Amps. Water 8 gpm, 30-40 psi, 60-70F. Compressed air 1 scfh, filtered, lubricated and regulated at 60-80 psig. Inert gas 10 psig regulated. Hot zone almost new. Always operated on closed loop cooling water. Unit was fully operational when removed from service. Includes (2) new feedthroughs and spare parts.
Price:   $49,500





Item# 16-4042-1     Vac Aero 2-Bar Furnace:

Manufacturer: Vac Aero
Model: VAH 4848-HV2
S/N: BM981 (new in 1998)
Type: Horizontal, 2-Bar Quench
Work Zone:  36"W x 48D" x 30"H
Current Hot Zone: Graphite
Input Power:  600V/3Ph/60Hz, 285 kVA Heating Power, 15 kVA Control Power
Secondary Voltage: 48/50/52 with 600V input
Load Rating: 1500 lbs

Vacuum System:  Stokes 412 & 615, port for 20" DP, but no DP or valve. (GVT, Inc. has available)
Controls: Updated recent Allen-Bradley controls

Location: Ontario, Canada
Price:   $150,000   Offers considered






Item# 16-4038-2     GCA Industries Vacuum Furnace:

Manufacturer:    GCA – Vacuum Industries
Model:      Series 3700 – 242436
Serial:      41293 LV
Work Zone:    24” Wide x 36” Deep x 24” High
Electric – 460/3/60 – 207 KW
Max Temp:    2400 Degrees F.
Description:    Horizontal Loading Vacuum Furnace complete with Graphite Lining, Graphite Heating Elements, Stokes 212H Vacuum Pump, Roots Booster Pump, Rear Mounted Cooling Fan, Heat Exchanger (6 months old), and 200 KVA Transformer.  Also included is New Spare “Hot Zone” (still in crate).
Controls:    Free Standing Control Panel complete with Barber Colman 570 Setpoint Programmable Temperature Controller, Barber Colman Series 10 High Limit Controller, and Teledyne Vacuum Gauge.
Condition:    Very Good – Operational
Footprint:    Furnace:  95” Wide x 12’ Deep x 96” High (Shipping Dimensions)
Weight:  12,000  lbs.                                                                                                                
Price:      $119,000.00






Item# 16-4033-2     2-Bar Surface Vacuum Furnace:

Work Zone:  48"W x 48D" x 24"H
Power:  460/3/60---275KW
Temp. :  2400F
Quench Rate: 2-Bar
Elements: Graphite

Vacuum System:  Stokes 412 vacuum pump, Roots 615 booster pump
Comments:   Horizontal swing-out front door (autoclave style), big joe loader, control panel with digital controls. The unit is operational now.
Price:   $95,000




Item# 16-4024     C.I. Hayes Vacuum Furnace:

Model:  VCH-202436, manufactured in 1979. Single owner.
Work Zone:  24" x 36" x 20" (Not sure if height is 20" or 24" yet)
Heating Input:  110 kW  (125 kW Total)
Max. Temp. :  From factory with 2450F rating
Cooling Gas:  Set up for Nitrogen
Power:  460V/3Ph/138 Amp.
Max. Load:   400 lb.
Used for:  Sintering Silicon-Iron P/M parts
Vacuum System:  Kinney & Roots Mechanical Pumps.  Port for D.P. but no D.P.
Manuals:  Have full manuals.  We have some pages photographed.
Comments:   Shortly before furnace was taken out of service, Heat exchanger was replaced, Controls were upgraded from original (now Yokagawa). Operating when last removed for storage. Original graphite board hot zone design changed to 2-piece monolithic graphite.  Graphite strip elements. Graphite hearth beams with 1/8" moly strip on top of beams. (2) moly racks. No load cart.  Manual door lock. 
Location:   SFO Bay Area.  Easy 1-Day in & out to see. 
Photos:  Coming...
Price:    TBD, make an offer






Item# 16-3958-1     Vacuum Temper Furnace:

Manufactured by Surface Combustion Model HVT 36-48-24, S/N BO 40016-1. 220Volt, 3 phase, 60Hz, 220Kw. Working dimensions of 36” wide X 24” high X 48” deep with a weight capacity of 2,500 pounds. Not in use or installed. Most components are included but this unit should be regarded as a “project”.
Price:    $5,000






Item# 16-3957-1    Holcroft 2 Bar Pressure Quench Vacuum Furnace:

This furnace is capable of a load of 36” x 36” x 72” with a max operating temperature of 2200’F. Side-Sliding Front Door and a Locking Ring  (Rear Head with Fan Motor on Rails for Easy Access). Comes with Graphite Heating Elements, Graphite Insulation Graphite Roller Wheel Hearth (21” Centers). There are 3 zones of control and the controls consist of: Allen Bradley PLC, PanelView 1400C, MKS Vacuum Gauge, Three (3) Honeywell UDC OT Controllers, Honeywell DPR-180 Stripchart. Power: VRT Powerpacks (Top Mounted) 480v 3/60    300 kW, 700 Amps (425 FLA). Blower: IGE - 150 Hp. Quench: 2 bar (29.4 psig).  Internal, Rear Mounted Heat Exchanger. Cooling: Est 500 CF of N2 per Cycle. Vacuum: Roots Blower (10x24 RGS HVR), Two (2) Stokes 412 Pumps (Removed from the system), Diffusion Pump Could Be Added. Footprint: 24’ long x 22’ wide x 15’ tall. Status: Fully connected. Will be sold as-is, where-is. Buyer will be responsible for removal, rigging and trucking. Please call for pricing.






Item# 16-3951-1    Sunbeam Vacuum Furnace:

Model # 40236, Serial Number F-170-82. Working dimensions of 36” wide X 120” long X 36” high. Maximum operating temperature of 2552F (1400C). 460 volts, 400Kw, 3 phase. Honeywell digital program control, Honeywell digital overtemperature control, Honeywell strip chart (inoperative) and Granville-Phillips 375 Convectron vacuum controller in enclosed panel. Double walled water cooled horizontal load vessel. Interior has a molybdenum liner with graphite heating elements on both walls, roof and floor. 20 HP cooling fan mounted in rear. Pumping system consists of a Stokes 412-11 mechanical pump with Roots booster. Power to the heating elements is through VRT’s. A battery powered loader is included. Some of the heating elements were damaged during shipment and will need to be replaced by buyer.
Price:    $95,000






Item# 16-3938-1    Ipsen Vacuum Nitriders:

Model VVDR (N)-2100 X 3000-E. These are vacuum stress relieving and Nitro-Carburizing furnaces. These units are electrically heated and capable of nitro carburizing and gas nitriding. Working dimensions of 2100mm X 3000 mm (82.6” diameter X 118” deep). Maximum load of 15,000 Kg, (33,000 pounds).  Operating temperature up to 1380F with internal retort and vacuum pump system.  4 zones of heating. Heating elements CrFeAl-wire on ceramic modules. Gas circulation fan on top of retort. Operating voltage 480 volts-60Hz, 3 phase. Total connected load 520KVa. Cooling gas Nitrogen. Internal retort 310 SS. Manufactured by Ipsen in 2011 they have seen very little use and can be considered almost new. Currently installed and under power although not currently in use. More details and photos available. These units are absolutely state of the art. Units are designed for: NitroCarburizing, Stress relieving, FNC, Nitriding and pre-Ox. Includes Ammonia cracker. New these systems were over $3 million USD. Asking price is for both lines, 2 pits with high speed cooling systems, full gas flow and controls panels, software,  afterburner exhaust system, including a 20 ton crane and spares. Again consider this equipment to be virtually new.
Price:    $849,000





Item# 16-3899-1    Plasma Nitriding System:

Made by Plateg of Germany this is a pulse Plasma Nitriding unit with working dimensions of 39.37” diameter (1000mm) and 47.24” high (1200mm). Maximum workload of 4409 pounds (2000kg). Maximum operating temperature of 1112F (600 C). Photos below show the system as installed, recently it was dismantled and is in heater storage. Complete and in good condition although it does require a high frequency control module for the pulse plasma supply.
Price:    $30,000





Item# 16-3895-1    TAV 6 Bar Vacuum Furnace:

Model TP600 built in 1999.
Working dimensions of 600mm W X 600mm H X 900mm D. Footprint of 4.5 m W X 3.5 H X 6.5 D. Maximum operating temperature of 1300C. Temperature uniformity of +-5C.
Maximum gross weight 600kg. 150kw.
Operating vacuum of 10-2mbar. Kinney mechanical pump Model KT150C. Booster pump Hick Hargreaves. Nitrogen quenching up to 6 bar. SSI/VAS control system. Graphite insulation and heating elements. Gross weight 15 tons. Excellent condition.
Price:    £150,000                       
Location:   Europe






Item# 16-3888-1    Vacuum Annealing Furnace:

Manufactured by Thermionics this is a custom designed vacuum annealing furnace designed to heat treat wire up to 210 cm long.  The vacuum chamber has an 8” Dia. X 90” effective working length.
The operating temperature was developed for a maximum operating temp of 1200° F.
The vacuum nominal level (continuous) duty was developed as 1 X 10-6 Torr. Maximum vacuum level to operate in continuous duty is 5 X 10-8 Torr.
The unit was designed to use N2 gas.
The unit was an R & D unit that was built in 1998, but has had little to no use. Excellent condition.
New this was $90,000
Price:     $29,000.00






Item# 15-3875    Small Top Load Vacuum Furnace:

Brew Top Load Vacuum Furnace,
Condition:  Rebuilt by Pathways Thermal Technology
Work Zone:  10" Dia. x 10"H
Max. Temp.:  2000F
Hot Zone:  Molybdenum/Stainless Steel
Vacuum:  Diffusion Pumped
Power:  480V/3Ph/60Hz,  75 Amps
Price:  $10,000         Location:  Pacific Northwestern U.S.




Item# 15-3874-2     Vacuum Oil Quench Furnace:
Type of Equipment
:    Vacuum Oil Quench Furnace
    C.I. Hayes
Model No.
:      VSQ
Serial No.
:      15236
Work Zone Size
    24” Wide x 36"Deep x 18"High
:    Electric – 480/3/60 – 121 KW
Max. Temperature
    2400 Degrees F.
:    “In-Out” Style Vacuum Oil Quench Furnace complete with Round Oil Quench Tank with Bottom Mounted Agitator, Horizontal Sliding Front Door, Graphite Lining with Graphite Heating Elements, Stokes 412H Vacuum Pump, Racine Hydraulic Pumping System, and (2) Alloy Load Carts.
    Side-Mounted Control Panel complete with Barber Colman 570 Series Setpoint Programmable Temperature Controller, Barber Colman 560 Series High Limit, ATC Soak Timer, and ATC Carburizing Timer.
   Very Good – Operational
Overall Footprint
:   Furnace:  7’ W x 13’ D x H;  Quench Tank:  6’ Dia. x 6’ H
Approx. Wt.
  12,000 lb.
Price:    $79,500                                                                                                                 




Item# 15-3872-2     Bottom Load Vacuum Furnace:

Type of Equipment:   Bottom Load Vacuum Furnace
odel No.
:  VVFC (BL) 4860          SERIAL NO:   R5 81977
Work Zone Size:
 48” Diameter x 60” High
:    Electric – 480/3/60 – 450 KW
Max. Temperature:
    2400o F.
:   Bottom Loading Vacuum Furnace System complete with Graphite Lining, Graphite Heating Elements, Diffusion Pump (30”), Stokes 412H-H Mechanical Vacuum Pump, Stokes 615-1 Booster Pump, Hunterdon VRT Transformer, Holding Pump, and Motorized Load Raising Mechanism.
   Newer Free-Standing Control Panel (built in 2001) complete with Allen-Bradley Based PLC Control System with Provit 2200 Digital Interface, Honeywell 12” Strip Chart Recorder & Honeywell 3000 Digital Controllers.
   Very Good – Needs new top mounted cooling fan assembly and heating element repairs.
Overall Footprint
:    10’6” Wide x 14’ Long x 13’ High
Approx. Wt.
  20,000 lbs.
Location:  Midwestern U.S.
:      $165,000.00    





Item# 15-3871-1    Small Vacuum Temper Furnace:

1981 Ipsen Vacuum Temper Furnace.
Working Zone: 280 mm H X 420 mm W X 590 mm D (11" X 16.5" X 23.2"). Maximum Load:   100kg (220 pounds). 
Minimum operating temperature 150C,
Maximum operating temperature 700C.
Input power 94 KVA, heating 71Kw, 575 volts, 60Hz.
Type K T/C's, Honeywell controls.
Vacuum contact point 1.0 X 10-1 mbar, operating pressure 1000 mbar.
Maximum vacuum level 5.0 X 10-2 mbar.
Circulated nitrogen atmosphere gas.
Elements Ni-Cr Steel.
Stokes model 149H vacuum pump.
SS hot zone. Class 3 furnace with a temperature uniformity of +- 8C.
Used in an aerospace heat treat until it was shut down 2 months ago. Currently being dismantled. Complete although missing the temperature recorder. Included are a manual loader and 3 baskets. Excellent condition.

Price:  T.B.D.






Item# 15-3868-1    Vacuum Debind & Sinter Furnace:

AVS Vacuum Debinding/Sintering Furnace.
 This is a horizontal graphite vacuum debinding sintering furnace for steel MIM parts completely rebuilt from top to bottom by AVS in 2010. Working volume – approximately 18 cubic feet, 28” wide x 26” high x 42” long graphite retort, 1500# capacity.  Temperature - rated for continuous operation at 1400°C ±10°C in vacuum, 1450°C burn-out.  50µ ultimate vacuum; leak rate <10µ / hour, CEDORT (Clean, Empty, Dry, Outgassed, Room Temperature). De-bind system - nitrogen or argon sweep gas, 0 - 100 torr differential pressure controlled by PLC and automatic I-to-P modulating vacuum valve, binder trap, condenser assembly; options available for hydrogen gas and burn-off. De-bind lines heated to keep vapor from condensing in vacuum lines. Fast cooling with circulation fan and automatic gas re-circulation ports. Control system - AVS ACE™ control/data acquisition system. Estimated cold-to-cold cycle time of 16 to 20 hours with AVS “Fast Cool” option.  Horizontal jacketed chamber - 60" dia. x 80" long, nominal dimensions, flanged, on legs. SA-516-70 mild steel construction on water jackets and door + body flanges. Stainless Steel inner jacket & dished head plus all power ports Front-loading chamber with 2 doors - both doors on adjustable hinges, with buna o-rings, manual clamps, for operation from 50 millitorr vacuum to 3 psig positive pressure; rear door opens for service. Ports - rough line on side of chamber, delube line from bottom, fan housing flange on rear door Additional PORTS added to the system to accommodate future system modifications for processing ‘sinter-hard’ P/M materials – a total of up to 7 additional ports ranging from 18” in diameter down to 1” in diameter will be added. Further details available upon request. Currently installed and in excellent condition. 
Price: $209,000






Item # 14-3834    Surface Combustion Vacuum Furnace:      

Model:  IHVP-364830-2,  S/N:  VC-42202-1.  
Work Zone Size:  43"W x 64"D x 38"H.
           (Has been surveyed at 42"W x 60"D x 30"H, I think)
Hot Zone:  All graphite, including hearth and elements.
Vacuum System:  Requires Stokes 1722 Skid (412H mechanical
                             pump and Stokes 615-1 vacuum blower.  Both
                             are missing*), 16" Port for diffusion pump, but
                             no pump or right angle valve**. 
Loader:  No loader.
Power Supply:  250 kW   460V/3Ph/60Hz.
Max. Temp.:  2400F.
Max. Load:  3000 lb at 1900F.  
Cooling Gases:  Nitrogen, Argon, Helium.
Gas Quench Capability:  +12 PSI positive pressure.
Cooling Fan:  Top mounted.
Controls:  Honeywell DCP-7700
Temp. Controller. Eclipse EMC-560 Hi-Limit. Honeywell Strip
                             Chart Recorder. Philips Model 316 Vacuum
                             Controller. Control Thermocouple:  Ni/Ni-Mo. Fair condition. 
Location:  Southern California (San Diego)
Price:  $29,000 As-Shown (Will change after clean-up and painting)

*  GVT, Inc. has rebuilt Stokes 1722 skids available (See Below)







Item# 14-3809-1    AVS De-wax & Sinter Vacuum Furnace:

AVS De-Wax & Sintering Vacuum Furnace 
Horizontal sintering furnace with wax condenser
1470°C operating temperature.
Water cooled 304 stainless steel chamber with mild steel flanges.
Graphite hot zone - 24” wide x 18” high x 36” deep, with hearth rails.
Graphite retort - 4 to 5 cubic foot work space, shelves, graphite rollers, de-wax tube and -cooling.
5 HP recirculation cooling fan system - cooling flaps in insulation and retort.
Wax condenser assembly with hot water circulation system and removable wax receiver pot.
Power supply - transformer-type, low voltage secondary, nominal 250 kW.
Vacuum pumps - Stokes 212-H, 150 cfm rough pump, Roots 615, 1600 cfm booster. Dynamic partial pressure gas system.
Unit can be seen in operation and is available for immediate delivery. 
Price:  $299,000






Item# 14-3807-2    Vacuum HT Furnace:

Mfr:   Ipsen
Model:  VFC-224 Re-built
Working Zone:  15"W x 24"D x 10"H
Max. Temperature:  2400˚F
Power:  480V/3Ph/60Hz  (VFC-224's are typically 50 or 60 kW)
Nominal Load:  400 lb
Approx. Wt:  12,000 lb.  per owner
Description:  Horizontal loading vacuum furnace with water cooled chamber,
                    side swinging door, graphite hot zone, New graphite elements,
                    Stokes 212-H10 mechanical vacuum pump with Roots booster
                    pump and Varian Diffusion Pump
Instrumentation:  Free standing control panel, Rebuilt in 1991 by G-M Enterprises,
                          with Honeywell DCP551 Setpoint Programmable Temperature
                          Controller, Honeywell UDS2000 High Limit Controller, Televac
                          MM200 Modular Vacuum Gauge and Honeywell DPR3000 Strip
                          Chart Recorder.  (We can help you to upgrade these to modern SSI
                          controls).   (The description doesn't say, but G-M probably put a GE
                          Fanuc PLC in the cabinet too.  That was their standard at that time.)
Condition:  "Very Good"
Overall Dimensions:  84"W x 84"L x 94"H
Price:  $43,500  




Item# 14-3805-2    Vacuum Furnace with 2 Hot Zone (Low Temp/High Temp):

Centorr Vacuum Industries (CVI) Model 2500, Series 3530 vacuum furnace,
460V/3Ph/60Hz, 133 Amps,  100 kW,    Work Zone:  12"W x 12"H x 24"L,
Hot zone currently in furnace is all-metal moly lined and rated for 1150˚C (2102˚F).
Spare, new Graphite hot zone is rated for 1500˚C (2732˚F).  Spare hot zone is new & still
in original shipping crate.
Controls:  Mitsubishi FX2N PLC.  Ametek SCR power controller, Honeywell DCP-550
digital programmable temperature controller, DCP-2500 overtemp controller. 
Yokagawa FX106 6-channel  paperless recorder.  2 vacuum gauge controllers.  Ircon
optical pyrometer for additional temperature measurement.
Other:  1.5 H.P. cooling fan, mounted on front door.  Inert gas system. 
Hydrogen purge gas system.  "Rotavac" retort drive system mounted on rear door.
Loader, spare parts, manuals and drawings are all included.  Includes 3 Inconel retorts,
3 graphite retorts and 1 alumina retort (Moly hot zone is limited to 1000˚C, if alumina
retort is being used.) 
Vacuum System:  PLC-controlled.  Originally Leybold D40B mechanical pump (missing, and
not included),  Note:  We have a rebuilt Stokes 149H-11 below on this page that might be
a good substitute for the missing Leybold pump and is 2.5 times the pumping speed.)
Varian VHS-6 difusion pump and cold trap. 
Utility Requirements:
     Water:  20 GPM @ 90˚F, 30-40 PSIG
     Air:  2 CFH @ 60-80 PSIG
     Inert Gas:  Argon or Nitrogen
     Process Gas:  Hydrogen
     Burner Pilot Gas:  Natural Gas or Propane (for hydrogen burnoff, I assume)
Condition:  Very Good
Availability:  Immediate               
Location:  Michigan, USA
Price:  $89,500





Item# 14-3785-1 - Titanium Semi-Continuous Diffusion Bonding Vacuum Furnace:

Semi-Continuous Titanium Diffusion Bonding Hot Press. System consists of;


Load Chamber. Rated for 2720 kg load Moly Pin walking system rated for 2720 kg load 44” w x 54” d x 6.5” high product size in semi continuous mode Stokes 612/300 pump/blower Mounted on roll out frame for easy maintenance


Preheat Chamber. 35” diffusion pump / 100 CFM holding pump Moly Pin walking system rated for 2720 kg load 44” w x 54” d x 6.5” high product size in semi continuous mode Stokes 300 CFM mechanical pump 5 x 10-5 Torr in 20 minutes 300 kW heater power (Hunterdon) Moly Hot Zone Mounted on roll out frame


Bonding Chamber. 20” diffusion pump / 100 CFM holding pump Moly Pin walking system rated for 2720 kg load 44” w x 54” d x 20” high product size in batch mode 44” w x 54” d x 6.5” high product size in semi continuous mode Constant 1100°C Heated Platens, Moly pressing surface 1000 tons of force, up pressing ram 300 kW heater power (Hunterdon) Moly Hot Zone Mounted on roll out frame


Cooling Chamber. 20” diffusion pump. Stokes 612/300 pump/blower Moly Pin walking system rated for 2720 kg load 44” w x 54” d x 6.5” high product size in semi continuous mode Fast Cool 60°F /min argon. 1750F to 1200F. 25°F variation over part 5 x 10-5 Torr in 20 minutes Fast Backfill Port Mounted on roll out frame


This system is ideal for any company wanting to develop process for diffusion bonding of any materials which are capable of being processed within the specifications of the furnace. The system is available as a batch or semi-continuous, as the system can be set up in Batch mode for development purposes and semi continuous mode for production. The system is available for inspection as warehoused in the Northeastern USA. 
New price for this system is over $16,000,000. This system is available in almost any configuration. 

Price:  As-Is $890,000.00 with support available from the original manufacturer at a reduced rate, or reconfigured to match your specific requirement at a price TBD. Immediate delivery.





Item# 14-3735-1 - Vacuum Induction Sintering Furnace:

2008 Vacuum Induction Sintering Furnace. Built by GH Induction Atmospheres in 2008. Model VF-40. Working dimensions of 12" diameter X 17" high. Overall dimensions of 86" wide X 86" long X 96" high. S/N 018/VF-40/173. 2100F. 400-480 Volts, 200 amps., 3 phase, 50/60 HZ. Honeywell UDC Digital temperature control, hi-limit control and strip chart recorder along with GE Fanuc Quick panel and Televac vacuum gauge. SS vessel mounted vertically above load platform. Interior of vessel has induction coil, 15" diameter. Ceramic sleeve and 14" diameter graphite susceptor. Parts to be heated are loaded on the work platform and raised (hydraulically) into hot zone which is heated by a 100kW, 50 kHz power supply. Vacuum pump is a Pfeiffer Model DUO35 21 CFM (36 cubic meters/hour). At completion of heat cycle furnace is back filled with Argon and cooled by external blower and heat exchanger. Water chiller is available and will be quoted upon request. Excellent condition. 

Price:  $55,000







Item# 15-3885-2 - New 3-Zone 285 kVA Power Supply:

Approx. 8 year old, Unused Hunterdon Water-Cooled VRT Power Supply for Vac Aero vacuum furnace,
Power Rating:  285 kVA
Type:  460V/3Ph/60Hz
Secondary Voltage Taps:   72V/74V/76V
Furnace was shipped to another country with different voltage, so
this power supply was not needed.  Never installed. 
Has been stored indoors (moved outside for photos).
Price:  $15,000    Location:     Northeastern U.S.





Item# 13-3663 - 40 KVA 1-Phase Power Supply:

Complete control panel with power supply for Stokes Vacuum Aluminum Coating Furnace,
(does not include furnace).   Stokes Model# 427-205, Lot# 70277, Ser.# 65666,
40 KVA, 1-Phase Hunterdon Transformer, 230V/460V, 60 Hz, VRT Spec. 1178-5 with
D.C. Control, 20VDC @ 50 Amps;  Plus 2 ea. smaller control transformers, Hoffman Fan-Cooled
Enclosure; Edwards Active Gauge Vacuum Controller with communications (Ethernet,
Serial Port) P/N 038662000, S/N 03G59721006
Location:  Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814
Price:  $1,500  (The Hunterdon transformer alone would cost $4,850 to replace.)




Vacuum Furnace Equipment from Solar Manufacturing:  Please also go to the Solar Manufacturing page on this web site (click Here) and see what is available In Stock or
Built New to Your Order from Solar currently in both new and rebuilt, used vacuum furnaces. 
Please tell them that we sent you.


A.2.  Vacuum Melting Furnaces and Related Equipment

With our background in the vacuum and specialty metals melting and casting industry, we have
we can probably help you to locate exactly what you need for these applications.  It only takes
a short phone call to 208-765-6854 or an email to to get us working on it. 
Our experience includes vacuum-arc melting and casting (VAR or VSC), electroslag melting (ESR),
electron beam melting and casting (EB, EBM, ESC), induction skull melting (ISM) - also known as
"cold-wall induction melting or casting" and vacuum induction melting and casting (VIM).  So don't
give up before you've even called us.  We might surprise you.  But if you are overseas in US
export-restricted countries, please don't waste your time or ours.  It's not going to happen. 


B.  Loaders / Unloaders for Vacuum Furnaces:

Item # 04-3109:  Vacuum Furnace Loaders / Unloaders:
Solar Manufacturing can supply new vacuum furnace loaders for virtually any size or type
of vacuum furnace.  Contact us with your requirements to get a quote.
 The photos below
are just examples of typical loaders used in the industry.  We can show you exactly what
we propose for your application after we have reviewed your requirement with you.




C.  Vacuum Pumps & Related Items:


In addition to the used equipment shown below, let us help you with a quote for new
vacuum pumps. 




Item# 16-4053    Varian HS-20 Diffusion Pump, As-Is or Rebuilt:

Varian HS-20 Diffusion Pump.  Offered in As-Is or Standard Rebuilt
As-Is Price:              $ 6,500  (No warranty, 30 Day Return)
Std. Rebuilt Price:    $ 9,800 (1 year warranty, reuse existing elements)
Rebuilt pump available after rebuild.
First photo shows another representative pump after rebuild.
Last 2 photos show this pump as-is.
F.O.B.  As-Is from Idaho 83814 or Rebuilt from South California
Terms: Net 30 days on approved credit
Warranty on Rebuild: 1 year parts and labor by pump rebuilder






Item# 15-3864:  20" Right Angle Poppet Valves:

5 Each Available, 20" Right Angle Poppet Valves to mate to
Varian HS-20 Diffusion Pumps.  Removed from
service in good operational condition by a company converting to
cryo pumps.  Offered in As-Is or Standard Rebuilt
As-Is Price:               $ 1,800.00  (working, but no
                                                      warranty, 30 Day Return)
Std. Rebuilt Price:    $ 3,150.00 (1 year warranty)
Valves are awaiting rebuild now.  (2-3 weeks requried ARO)
Photo shows another representative RAV prior to rebuild.
F.O.B.  Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814 or S. California (rebuilder shop)





Item# 14-3775 - Kinney 75 CFM Vacuum Pump:

Warranty Rebuilt Kinney Model KTC-75, Part No. 804982-D,
S/N 1105-Y  7710-5 mechanical vacuum pump.  12 Month warranty on
rebuild.  Will be repainted at rebuilder's shop.  Running without problems
when removed from service.
Price:  $ 5,700     F.O.B.  West Coast U.S.




Item# 14-3774 - Stokes 149H-11  80 CFM Vacuum Pump:

Rebuilt Stokes Model 149H-11, Lot# CD-81004 Mechanical Vacuum Pump,
Rebuilt by Evey Vacuum in 2002 and stored in heated, dry area since then. 
So Evey's warranty is probably no longer valid,
Price:  $ 5,500 with 30 Day Right of Return if not satisfied
Location:  F.O.B. Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814





Item# 14-3731 - Edwards Stokes 1722-J Skid:

Warranty rebuilt Stokes 1722-J Skid
Stokes Model 900-412-014 Mechanical Pump (Newer Style)
         S/N:  069034482     Date:  2006-11
         Motor:  10 H.P.
Stokes 615-1 Blower
          S/N:  813770X0898    Lot:  78315-38
          Motor:  7.5 H.P.
Skid Mounted
Interconnecting Pipe and Fittings
Stokes Demister
Immediate Availability
Price:  $ 23,500 in rebuilt condition with Rebuilder's 12 Month Warranty
Location:  U.S. West Coast
Photos is after warranty rebuild.




Item# 13-3687 -  MD Blower, 350 CFM:

Rebuilt (per owner) M.D. Pneumatics 350 CFM gas blower, Model 11-3210,
S/N 1735R A23, on skid but needs motor.             Location:  Pacific Northwestern U.S. 
New Price:  $1,500 or best offer      30 Day Right of Return, if unhappy




Item# 13-3686  -  Roots 372 CFM Gas Blower:

Rebuilt (per owner) Roots Model 2510J Whispair Max gas blower, 372 CFM,
Roots I.D. 847-485-20, S/N 76 54846 with 5 H.P. Motor mounted
on skid.                    Location:  Pacific Northwestern U.S. 
Price:  $2,000 or best offer    30 Day Right of Return, if unhappy




Item 13-3652  -  35"  Diffusion Pump:

CVC Model PMC-32C, 35" Diffusion Pumps (Today this is the Varian HS-35. 
Varian purchased CVC rights to this pump.)    Can be purchased
either in As-Is condition or in Rebuilt condition with a warranty.  35" Throat Diameter.
Bolt Circle is approx. 38-3/4" with 14 Holes on approx. 8-9/16" Centers.  Flange
O.D. is 41-3/4".  O-Ring Center Diameter is 36-1/8".  Approx. 72-3/4" Overall
Height (79" on 48" x 48" shipping pallet). 
Note:  Mating 35" Cryo-Baffle is also available for improved low-range vacuum and
elimination of backstreaming (See Item# 3161 Below).  6" Foreline with approx.
9-1/2" Bolt Circle with 8 Holes on approx. 3-5/8" Centers.  1/4" dia. O-ring is
approx. 8-7/8" diameter to center.  Shipping Wt. with pallet approx. 2050 lb. 
Price in As-Is Condition:  $ 6,400.00
Price in Warranty Rebuilt Condition, Painted:  $ 12,250.00 (with existing working elements.
                                                                      Add $6,000 if you want brand new elements.)
Location:  Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814 (As-Is) or S. California (Rebuilt)

(See photos on Item# 3651 to see what the rebuilt pump will look like.)





Item# 13-3651 - 35"  Diffusion Pump:

CVC Model PMC-32C, 35" Diffusion Pumps (Today this is the Varian HS-35. 
Varian purchased CVC rights to this pump.)    Rebuilt condition with a 12 Month
warranty.  35" Throat Diameter.  Bolt Circle is approx. 38-3/4" with 14 Holes
on approx. 8-9/16" Centers.  Flange
O.D. is 41-3/4".  O-Ring Center Diameter is 36-1/8".  Approx. 72-3/4" Overall
Height (79" on 48" x 48" shipping pallet).  Note:  Mating 35" Cryo-Baffle is also
available for improved low-range vacuum and elimination of backstreaming (See
Item# 3161 Below).  6" Foreline with approx. 9-1/2" Bolt Circle with 8 Holes
on approx. 3-5/8" Centers.  1/4" dia. O-ring is approx. 8-7/8" diameter to center. 
Shipping Wt. with pallet approx. 2050 lb. 
Price in Warranty Rebuilt Condition, Painted:  $ 12,250.00 (with existing working elements.
                                                                      Add $6,000 if you want brand new elements.)
Location:  Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814

Photo show pump after rebuild.





Item # 05-3161:  Rebuilt 35” Cryo-Baffle ("Refrigerated Trap"):    

Warranty Rebuilt Torr Vacuum Products Model RVS322C Cryogenic Baffle *
Fits Varian and CVC 35" Diffusion Pumps.  Since photo was taken, we have
also replaced the outer trace cooling tubing with new stainless steel tubing, replaced
the feed through nitrogen leads with stainless steel tubes and added new
Parker (TM) fittings for the cryogenic liquid lines.
CryoTraps are used to eliminate diffusion pump oil back-streaming into your
vacuum chamber, to produce lower ultimate vacuum levels and to catch volatile
evaporated materials from your process that might contaminate the pump oil.
Shipping size approx. 52"W x 52"L x approx. 24"H.  Ship Wt. approx. 1500 lb.
We will crate and load.
Price:  Warranty Rebuilt:  $ 9,500
  West Coast Location

*Also called "cryotrap", "refrigerated baffle" or "refrigerated trap"



D.  Helium Leak Detectors & Vacuum Instruments:    



Item # 09-3477 - Varian Diffusion Pumped Helium Leak Detector:

Warranty Rebuilt Varian Model 938-41 Diffusion Pumped Helium Leak Detector,
includes cart and rebuilt roughing pump.     Typical unit.  These units vary in availability,
but we can usually locate one in a few weeks for you. 
Price: $9,500           Location: US West Coast     Top


Item 09-3486  -  Varian Diffusion Pumped Helium Leak Detector:

Warranty Rebuilt Varian Model 936-40 Diffusion-pumped Leak Detector,
with cart and rebuilt mechanical roughing pump.
Price:  $8,500         Location US West Coast  Top



 Item # 09-3478 - Varian Turbo-Pumped Helium Leak Detectors:

Warranty Rebuilt Varian Model 938-41, Turbo-pumped helium leak detector. Includes cart and rebuilt roughing pump.     Photo of Typical unit.  These units vary in availability, but we can usually locate one in a few weeks for you. 
Price: $12,000        Location: US West Coast



E.  Power Supplies for Vacuum Furnaces



Item# 13-3694 - Power Supply Transformer:

40 KVA, 1-Phase Hunterdon Transformer, 230V/460V, 60 Hz, VRT Spec. 1178-5 with 
D.C. Control, 20VDC @ 50 Amps
Price:  $ 1,500     ($4,850 new to replace)        Location:  Western U.S.





F.  Misc. Controls for Vacuum Furnaces:

Item# 12-3644 - Programmable Logic Controller:

GE Fanuc, Series 3, Programmable Logic Controller, with input/output boards,
power supplies, Temperature Controllers (2) and Relay.  All were working fine
when removed as part of a plant-wide control upgrade.

Included are:

Description                       QTY.       Model No.                          S/N or P/N
CPU/Programmer Unit      1 EA.      IC630CPU301B                 88051351A
Power Supply                    2 Ea.       IC630MDL300A               840904223 & 841012614
Power Supply                    2 Ea.       CTG 2600                          4923 & 4994
Input Module                    2 Ea.        IC630MDL301A                840911
Input Module                    1 Ea.        IC630MDL325A                840911
Input Module                    1 Ea.        IC630MDL325A                830511
Output Module                 1 Ea.        IC630MDL375B                 840911
Output Module                  2 Ea.       IC630MDL380A                 840611
Output Module                  1 Ea.       IC630MDL375B                 841111
West Temp. Control          1 Ea.       N4401 Z270000 G000        059787 002 004                                 
West Temp. Control          1 Ea.       PYZ4TAY1-4V                   123736T
Cutler-Hammer Relay        1 Ea.       Type M                                Parts-Pub. D23M-2 "7-78-54"

Price:  $ 250.00 for all.  Will consider selling individual components, but prefer
all at once.    15 days Right of Return, if not satisfied.    See Photo on Miscellaneous Page.




If you have questions on the items on this page, please email us at or give us a call at 208-765-6854 Pacific Time Zone. Be sure to include the item number for reference.